Integrating Sustainability at Opus 2

The Brief:

A fast-growing, global legal-tech firm required a comprehensive sustainability audit to support them in developing an informed and tailored roadmap to integrate sustainability at the core of their business.

The Work:

Applying a focused and pragmatic approach, our team has worked closely with the Management Team and two internal working groups. These groups represent various geographies, divisions and experiences within the company. Additionally, we have maintained engagement with the company’s main investor representatives, aligning their interests with the focus areas being addressed.

The Result:

Landmarks and Ongoing Collaboration (2021-2023): These achievements highlight the ongoing commitment to sustainability and collaborative efforts with Opus 2. Together, we continue to strive for driving positive change and create a sustainable future for the legal industry.

  1. Stakeholder Perspective Discussions and Insight Workshops Engaged internal and external stakeholders to gather valuable insights for sustainability initiatives. Through discussions with key clients,  the deployment of an all-staff survey and internal insight workshops that helped identify key champions to form focused groups. These focus groups support the development and delivery of the sustainability program company wide.

  2. Evolution of Vision, Purpose & Values Analysed stakeholder insights to evolve existing Vision, Purpose & Values. Ensured alignment with sustainability goals and stakeholder expectations.

  3. Carbon Footprint Scopes 1, 2 & 3 Completed assessment of carbon footprint across Scopes 1, 2, and 3 across several reporting periods (2019-2022), and continue to monitor periodically. Identified emission sources and established a baseline for future reduction efforts. Currently developing carbon reduction plan, through the continuous evaluation of material scope 3 categories.

  4. EcoVadis Accreditation Guided EcoVadis accreditation process, including strategy, data collection and submission. Client achieved a Silver award for two consecutive years, placing them in the top 25% and 23% within their industry. Developed key data point trackers to aid a systematic, reliable and constant data management (ongoing) Continued support with EcoVadis subsequent submissions. Continued support with reporting platform submissions as per investor requirement. Assessment of further accreditations that can bring value to the organisation.

CDP Disclosure: Support and guidance with CDP submission (July 2023)

  1. Materiality Assessment and Alignment to SDGs Conducted materiality assessment with internal working groups to prioritise SDGs. Identified risks, opportunities, and priorities for sustainability initiatives. Continue to review outcomes to adapt and iterate according to the growing nature of the organisation and their expanding needs.

  2. Board of Directors and Investor Reporting Providing ongoing support for reporting to the Board of Directors and investors. Established sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) aligned with green finance mechanisms and SDGs. Monitor said KPIs and advisory/strategic support to ensure goals are achieved and on target for specific reporting periods and beyond.

  3. Internal Educational ESG HUB and Team Sessions Developed an internal ESG HUB for internal educational and ongoing communication purposes. Delivery of dedicated team sessions on sustainability topics. These sessions are recorded for use in new team members’ induction programs, and continue to evolve to include a variety of wider sustainability topics.

  4. Internal and External Reporting Coordinated and managed the development of Opus 2's first internal Impact Report. Initiating preparations for external reporting in 2024.

  5. UN Global Compact Signatory Opus 2 became a signatory to the UN Global Compact in May 2023.

  6. Carbon Reduction Plan and SBTIs Submission Supported the implementation of a Carbon Reduction Plan that has subsequently underpinned multiple tender participation. Preparing for Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) submission April 2023, approved and ready for publication in Q3 2023.

Case Studies for Industry Impact Coordinating and structuring case studies showcasing the impact of Opus 2 services. Leveraging external stakeholder engagement through case study development.

Project Info:

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Opus 2 International

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