Establishing a sustainability vision and strategy framework

The Brief:

We were approached for help on various fronts; to help with some carbon auditing and verification as well as assisting with their first SECR report; help with developing a sustainable company car policy; overall assistance with developing a sustainability strategy.

The Work:

To help the company develop a sustainability strategy  we conducted a sustainability assessment including interviews with key stakeholders, both internal and external and workshops to enable a full understanding of the business and how it is positioned in the market.

Having presented back all our results and findings we introduced the business to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and showed them how to create and aline sustainability goals within a UN SDG matrix from which they could build their sustainability strategy

One of the immediate priorities identified through the early stages was the need for change in their waste management process so we introduced them to a couple of recommended suppliers with the aim of maximising their waste separation and recycling

We also helped create alternatives to the current company car policy to both incentivise staff and encourage them to adopt electric cars and thereby reduce their footprint

We audited their carbon measurement and accounting and helped them to make their first SECR report.

The Result:

Accurate carbon accounts and reporting to SECR standards, a sustainability framework established, first sustainability strategy initiated and new direction provided on company vehicle fleet and waste processes.

Project Info:

Company name:

Drinks wholesaler

Project duration:

4 months



Assessment & Reporting, Operational Impact, Sustainability Assessment & Strategy

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