Embedding sustainability strategy and carbon reduction

The Brief:

Having identified sustainability as a key growth opportunity for the business they then required help in creating a sustainability strategy, regular measurement of their carbon footprint and aligning themselves with sustainability standards.

The Work:

Having carried out an initial sustainability assessment including interviews with key stakeholders and workshops we then developed an initial sustainability strategy in parallel to comprehensive carbon footprint measurement and setting first targets for reductions.

We worked to integrate the UN SDG’s into  their sustainability strategy so that all targets carefully aligned with a handful of selected SDG’s.  The strategy involved creating a range of time bound targets that the company can continually measure themselves against to ensure they are keeping on the right track.

As the business is closely involved in the retail marketing industry it was a key consideration to try and reduce the amount of waste so there has been a full review of waste management processes, especially end-of-life for retail displays.  This has led to increased recycling rates, but also to numerous opportunities to reuse and upcycle parts from displays in conjunction with one or two key charities thereby creating opportunities for positive social impact as well as reducing the amount of general waste.

4 years of carbon measurement has seen the scope of measurement and accuracy improve year on year and through the creation of Carbon reduction plans, the business has also been able to including sign-up to SBTi, SME Climate Hub and Business For Ambition 1.5

Following a process of consulting on carbon offsetting the company has invested in key Gold Standard offsetting projects that fit with their SDG’s and go beyond their Scope 1 & 2 emissions to include Scope 3 as well.

We also worked with the company to guide them on gaining sustainability accreditations such as Silver level with Ecovadis and accreditation with the industry body scheme, the POPAI Sustainability Standard.  We are currently working with them on further accreditation.  Part of this work involved helping to establish sets of policies on business conduct and also setting up a cross-functional in-house sustainability team to discuss and push ahead with key initiatives.

Finally we have been engaged to develop and deliver certain sustainability workshops, primarily with key partner suppliers, to encourage them to carry out their own carbon footprint work, but also to implement various sustainable practices whilst recognising that they have very different obligations in their own countries.

The Result:

Sustainability has been largely embedded in the ethos of the company.

Significant progress has been made on carbon management with the extension of targets to new areas and the sign up to SBTI

Strong business results have been directly attributed to focus on sustainability with both clients and employees citing the company’s commitment to sustainability as a key factor in their decision to work with 100%.

Quote from client:

"Neil has played an invaluable role in the growth and success of our company. In the early days of working together he supported me with strategic business advice, which led to collaboration on new business development initiatives for what have evolved into two of our largest customers. More recently he has brought his sustainability expertise to drive this vital part of 100%’s strategic direction. We are extremely grateful to Neil for his contribution over the last five years and are excited to be continuing with this successful partnership."

- Dan Williams, Managing Director, 100% Group

Project Info:

The Global Retail Agency logo Sustainists Consultants Sustainability

Company name:

100% group – retail installations company

Project duration:

4 years



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