Ongoing steps to embed sustainability

The Brief:

To support Rainbow Designs, designer and creator of nursery and pre-school soft toys for renowned brands (including Disney, Peter Rabbit and Paddington), on their sustainability journey by measuring their carbon footprint, working to embed sustainability throughout the organisation and supporting related communications.

The Work:

Marketing review of internal and external communications in the context of the existing landscape.  Guidance as to how to communicate about sustainability endeavours without greenwashing.

Completion of a Sustainability Review providing context for change, assessment of steps taken to date and a strategy to embed sustainability throughout the business.  Ongoing work includes:

Assistance and advice on carbon accounting and reporting including assessment of Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions and measurement of targeted Scope 3 categories.

Implementation of a straight-line process built on a Landscape Assessment, linking Rainbow’s Purpose to a defined Statement of Ambition and decision-making Principles, which inform sustainability-led commercial Objectives, Goals and Measures through to Planning and Execution.

Capability building through in-house workshops.

The Result:

Comprehensive review of internal and external facing comms including websitem, catalogue and sales materials.

Business case for embedding sustainable principles at the heart of the business - Product, Planet, People.

Delivering Scope 1 and 2 emissions inventory from 2019 (estimates) to date (measured).

Adoption of structured approach to embed sustainability Ambition and decision-making Principles in commercial strategies.

Project Info:

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Company name:

Rainbow Designs

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Assessment & Reporting, Developing Knowledge & Proficiency in Sustainability, Operational Impact, Sustainability Assessment & Strategy

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