A series of three 45 minute Circular Economy online workshops

The Brief:

Following the official launch of the CircuLab Project, the client wanted to educate and inspire employees through a series of workshops on circular economy. The client wanted to structure the workshop series on case studies of success in achieving circularity. The goal was to appeal to the majority of the global workforce. Sessions would take place at different times to give the opportunity for all to join in at least one workshop as a live Q&A session was part of the workshop. Recordings of the sessions were shared internally to all employees. The series of workshops were timed to run prior to the first round of ideation on opportunities to embed circular economy into their operations.

The Work:

The team included 2 consultants, the Ideation coordinator focusing on Climate Action programmes, Sustainability Integration principal and employee communications and Engagement manager for Sustainability from our client. Following discussions with the team, we suggested a short list for the workshop themes that would cover the most critical aspects of the Circular Economy and agreed on the final topics for delivery: 

  • New business models
  • Regenerative models
  • Partnership and collaboration

To meet the client's objectives, we designed each workshop to include an introduction to set the scene for the following case studies.  In each workshop we discussed a number of real business case studies, key takeaways and a live Q&A session. Attendees had the opportunity to interact with the speakers and ask questions through the chat function also during the session.

The case studies were chosen carefully to complement the broader topic and add variety.  They offered practical insights to help attendees understand real-world examples of the Circular Economy in action.

The Result:

The workshop series was a great success, with a total of over 580 attendees from across the world representing a number of our client organisation’s brands. The workshops received positive feedback, with attendees praising the practical insights, real-world examples.

The organisation was thrilled with the results of the workshop series. They achieved their goal of attracting a diverse audience of employees who are passionate about creating a sustainable future. Additionally, the workshops helped to position the organisation as a thought leader in the Circular Economy space.

Project Info:

DB DeBeers Case Study logo Sustainists Consultants Sustainability

Company name:

De Beers

Project duration:

14 Months



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